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ARquatic at Home - A CodeKlavier Augmented Reality Home Experience

Codeklavier’s ‘ARquatic at Home’ is an online event that brings music and Augmented Reality (AR) together to provide a unique live experience in the comfort of one’s own home.

In ARquatic, music provides the DNA of an underwater world that unfolds before your eyes. Full of fantasy structures artificially built from L-system rules, ‘ARquatic at Home’ will transform your home into a new-age theater you never imagined it to be.


Thursday December 2
‘ARquatic at Home’ - Special stream for Music and Mixed Reality seminar, Nottingham University
Time: 16:20 British Time The link of the stream is here or click on the video below.

Sunday December 5
‘ARquatic at Home’ - part of ChOreOgraph|ng COd|ng
Time: 14-16h GMT+1

Past Streams

Friday August 6
‘ARquatic at Home’ - Special stream for those in lockdown or stuck at home due to bad weather
Time: 20:30 Sydney/Melbourne (AUS) or 12:30 Central European Time. The link of the stream is here or click on the video below.

ARquatic can also be a live experience, for live show dates please visit our ARquatic website

Setting Up

‘ARquatic at Home’ is best experienced when having the streamed video page set up on a desktop or TV connected to a sound system for the duration of the show. The ARquatic App should be downloaded on a separate mobile device. For an optimal AR experience, a well-lit room is best. The app is available for download here for Apple and here for Android. You will need an Apple iPhone SE/6S model (or later) or one of the Android phones listed here. You can also simply follow the link for the app download and try out the demo channel. If you do not own an AR supported device, a non-AR version will still show visuals on your Android phone.


Our inspiration for working with L-systems comes primarily from its roots in nature and organic growth which we would like to bring to the musical and programming paradigms. Whilst L-systems are already widely used in generative art and music, we are interested in exploring how this simple model can be used by the piano coder to express complex structures and how its rules will shape the pianistic improvisation. Furthermore, Lindenmayer’s work was done at the University of Utrecht in 1968 and building upon it through artistic exploration, makes the Netherlands a particularly special location for the presentation of this project.

About the Project

ARquatic is a CodeKlavier project which combines live music, live coding and AR as an artistic experience unlike any other. The CodeKlavier enables the pianist to grow the AR creatures by coding their structures through her playing with L-system rules. At the same time, the pianist and collaborating laptop musician are taking the audience on an enchanting musical and visual journey.

About the technology

The ‘ARquatic’ experience is made possible by three key technological elements and stages; CodeKlavier, Lindemayer and Unity.

CodeKlavier: a system that enables the pianist to code by playing the piano. In ‘ARquatic Live’, this pianist is coding with lambda calculus to create numbers. These numbers are then translated into symbols used in the Lindenmayer systems engine.

The L-systems engine is the second element and transforms the symbols into formal grammars defining the starting point and L-system rules. Together these form the L-system trees creating the structures of the AR visual elements which you see.

These structures, along with some characteristics of the piano playing, are then applied to the visuals designed by Patrick Borgeat and rendered in Unity. This is the final step of the technological process and produces the AR visuals which you experience during the show on the ARquatic app.


Anne Veinberg - piano, CodeKlavier development
Felipe Ignacio Noriega - live electronics, CodeKlavier development
Patrick Borgeat - visuals, app development
Simon Kelaita - audio mixing, video recording


CodeKlavier was made possible by the Creative Industries Fonds NL and our angel sponsor

The performances in June and August are made possible the Fonds Podium Kunsten Balkonscenes grant




This project was made possible by the Creative Industries Fonds NL and our angel sponsor. Ongoing work is limited to preparations for gigs at festivals and venues that book us for concerts. Do you believe in the project and would like to support us further? please consider “buying us a coffee”. Every little bit counts and we greatly appreciate your support!