Programming with the piano as interface

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CodeKlavier Activities 🎹🎤

This page gives a run down of public CodeKlavier presentations and milestones to date:

(newest on top)

August 2019: Paper, lecture and performance at FARM Berlin 2019. Watch the video here. Third residency with Patrick Borgeat working on the AR extension

June 2019: Second residency with Patrick Borgeat working on the AR extension.

May 2019: Performaces of the CKalcuλator at Sounds like Soup on the 19th and at Young Amsterdam Artists concert on the 23rd. Both concerts are in Amsterdam. Our second residency with Patrick Borgeat working on the AR extension will take place.

March 2019: First residency with Patrick Borgeat working on the AR extension. Watch the teaser here

February 2019: Talk and performance with the Ckalcuλator at Lambda Days in Poland. Watch the video here

January 2019: Performance of new hybrid version for Disklavier at Conlon X Gaudeamus - Watch the trailer! We also performed with the CKalculator at the International Conference on Live Coding

November 2018: Performance at Splendor

October 2018: Performance at ARTikulationen in Graz. This was the first time we used our custom built KeyScanner.

September 2018: Performance at the Huygens Festival in Voorburg, Netherlands. We also did an interview with Dennis Kastrup about the project for Radio Eins.

August 2018: CodeKlavier paper and performance are presented at the International Computer Music Conference in Daegu, Korea! In the proceedings you can find our first CodeKlavier published paper.

July 2018: CodeKlavier received its custom built KeyScanner by Andrew McPherson.

June 2018: Performance and lecture-demonstration at MuSA 2018 at IMWI Karlsruhe, Germany. Our presentation included a special CodeKlavier “presentation mode” where we used various CodeKlavier piano techniques to live code the presentation. This event also featurde a performance of Huygbrid and a more developed version of the CKalculator. There were also performances of Huygbrid (previously Hybrid) and CKalculator at Ephemere in Studio Loos, Netherlands. Watch the video of CKalculator here.

May 2018: Performance of two new prototypes, Hybrid and CKalculator at WORM in Rotterdam as part of the Algo~rhythms series.

March 2018: Performance at the Huygens Festival Amuse in Voorburg, NL and at In-Sonora Festival in Madrid, Spain. Video from In-Sonora here

February 2018: Recording of Motippets version 1.

December 2017: Mini-tour! “hello world” and Motippets were performed at the International Conference on Live Coding in Morelia, Mexico - watch video of Motippets here. We also gave a lecture-presentation at the Tandon School of Engineering, hosted by LiveCode.NYC, in New York and performed “hello world” at the Uncaged Toy Piano Festival. Watch video here.

October 2017: CodeKlavier received a 2 year grant for further development from the Creative Industries Fund NL and our angel sponsor.

September 2017: “hello world” is performed at the Gaudeamus Muziek week - a contemporary music festival held annually in Utrecht, Netherlands. A special interactive version of “hello world” is created as an interactive installation for Leiden’s Evening of Art and Science.

August 2017: Still Hacking Anyway 2017, NL. Our first live presentation of the CodeKlavier. We also performed “Code Our Glance” where we play as a duo. A video of the event is available here.

May 2017: “hello world” is awarded the Conlon and Uncaged Festival’s Composition Prize. Watch the video here

April 2017: CodeKlavier received the starter’s phase grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL.